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ATEN ESS-100H/384

Hybrid Energy Storage System

The ATEN ESS-100H/384 from AGREATE is an all-in-one hybrid energy storage system designed around a 100kW hybrid power platform and is compatible with PV solar, grid, and diesel genset energy sources. It's compact footprint makes it an ideal turnkey solution for community microgrids, multi-unit residential buildings, and commercial & industrial applications.

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Hybrid ESS 100/384 enclosure - 3 element ENERGY

Enclosure Dimensions

D = 2.438mm, W = 2.991mm, H = 2.591mm

D = 8'0", W = 10'0", H = 8'6"

Hybrid ESS 100/384 top view - 3 element ENERGY

Features (100kW/384kWh)

  • Built-in STS & isolated transformer

  • Charge/discharge combined efficiency up to 86%

  • Certified ESS (UL1973, IEC 62619, UN 38.3, CE)

  • BESS Controller for battery string management, DC bus connection, load dispatch, primary control, secondary control, fire control, etc.

  • Cloud-Based monitoring & control system enables digital and fully automated energy management

  • On-line troubleshooting by global service center

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes fuel savings through the highest possible renewable integration

  • Ensures uninterrupted power supply by responding fast to power losses, providing spinning reserve to generators

  • Optimized cost by reducing the number of generators required

  • High power quality by stabilizing the power systems against fluctuations in voltage and frequency

  • Efficiently manages, monitors, and analyzes field assets by cloud-based remote service

  • Ensures reliable, stable, and quality power availability

  • Achieves a secure and sustainable energy mix, together with energy efficiency

  • Fast and safe installation and commissioning on-site, with reduced footprint

  • Engineered for rugged environments and extreme weather conditions

R-64 x 6 = 384kWh

BESS Controller

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ATEN ESS-100H/384

Hybrid Energy Storage System

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