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Distributed Energy Storage System

The ESS-500D/1104 from AGREATE is an advanced battery energy storage system designed around a 500kW power platform. It's compact footprint makes it an ideal solution for distributed energy resources (DER) and commercial & industrial applications (C&I).

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Features (500kW/1104kWh)

  • Supports on/off-grid operation

  • Low rate charge and discharge features

  • Adopts TOU/PDS/ADR energy management strategies

  • Allows both historical and real-time data to be exported

  • Adopts a three-tier monitoring and management mechanism for batteries and a protection strategy in cases of emergencies

  • An easy to operate control unit that employs a large-size color touch screen and GUI.

  • A variety of real-time communication interfaces and software-based monitoring solutions

Enclosure Dimensions

D = 2.438mm, W = 6.058mm, H = 2.591mm

D = 8'0", W = 20'0", H = 8'6"

Hybrid ESS 250/552 enclosure - 3 element ENERGY

R-138 x 8 = 1104kWh

BESS Controller

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Distributed Energy Storage System

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